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Discover the Fascinating World in The Forest!
Combine the excitement of being a part of an amazing community where everyone knows your name with the tranquility of escaping into nature is the best part about being a member here at The Forest Country Club, oh yeah, and all the fantastic amenities that we offer! So let’s explore our country club!
The Green You will Never ‘Fore’ Get

Where else in Southwest Florida will you find tree-lined fairways, expansive greens, and miles of lakes and streams that come together to make The Forest? We offer various groups and events to allow you to discover the perfect fit for you! Whether it be ladies golf, men’s golf, couples golf tournaments, the Boston Redsox Celebrity Classic, and our annual themed Funky Golf Tournament, there are plenty of options that you can partake in or simply watch. You can also make sure your neighbor is 'up to par' with their golf game by meeting them afterwards for a cocktail in our clubhouse or outdoor bar.  

The Greatest Wealth is Health

Overlook our stunning golf courses as you workout on our state-of-the-art fitness equipment, including treadmills, bikes, weight machines, and free weights. We offer a variety of classes here in our wellness center for any activity. Raise the ‘Barre’ with our ballet, yoga, and pilates-inspired class ideal for stretching your core and perfecting your posture. Or you can check out our Sports Move classes that offer a dynamic workout that will be sure to get your heart racing! Did your last golf game leave you feeling stressed? Check out our Myofascial Release For Flexibility Class to help alleviate tension and reduce stress levels. Another option to help reduce stress levels is exploring our outdoor activities.

Feel Inspired Outdoors and ‘Dive In’

Exercise does not have to be limited to our wellness center; we offer plenty of outdoor activities too! For instance, breathe in the salty air as you enjoy a tranquil Bonita Beach walk followed with a tasty visit to Doc’s for breakfast. You could also embrace your social game as you hit the sidewalks with our Walking Club. Don’t feel like walking in the heat? Take a dip in our Dove’s Nest Pool for classes like Aqua Zumba, water aerobics, or A New Wave. You can transform your cardio with the benefits of swimming which builds endurance, tones muscles, and increases strength, all with less stress on your body!

‘Love’ What You Do On or Off the Court

The Forest Tennis center offers six HarTru clay courts, three of which you can cause a racket for your night tennis convenience. Do you want to ace your next opponent? - we offer clinics to help improve your tennis gamer! Maybe you want to play at your own pace and socialize? We also have Social Tennis, where you can enjoy coffee afterwards! We help create amenities that are suitable for all lifestyles!   Not a fan of tennis? We also offer Pickleball. I know what you’re thinking, what’s the big ‘dill’ with pickle-ball? Pickle-ball is the hybrid between ping-pong, badminton, and tennis to create a competitive, fast-paced, and fun game!

Five Star Gourmet Dining

The Grille Room, along with our other dining rooms, offers a relaxed atmosphere with various styles of cuisines including Mediterranean, Italian, Japanese and Specialty Buffets to name a few. We also host other events like live music and dinner, trivia night, or you can enjoy watching your favorite sports team at our bars. Our dining rooms are the perfect spot to indulge your senses and socialize.  

Here at The Forest Country Club, every journey you experience with us leads you far more than you can seek. With so many activities, your calendar will always be full with opportunities to socialize and enjoy life. Come check out for yourself some of the amazing amenities we offer and discover what your favorite part about The Forest is today!