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A Timeless Legacy
It’s tee time, and the clock is ticking! Our Verdin Company clock is now becoming an iconic legacy of our country club, and we want to share the history of the clock.
The History of the Clock  

For those of you who may not know, we did have a clock before, but quite frankly, it just wasn’t ‘putting’ it. Especially during Daylight savings, don’t even get our members started! The importance of having a good clock on our golf courses is to make sure players can arrive at tee time promptly and prevent slow play throughout the game.

As we were having our 2019 clubhouse remodel, the staff’s main focus was to ensure our new clubhouse was top notch and ready to go for all to enjoy! Behind the scenes, some members had a plan of their own.

A passionate member of The Forest by the name of Peter Connor decided that The Forest needed its own iconic and high-quality clock that would last forever. Thank goodness- no more winding the clock forward or back an hour twice a year, or having to worry about the members teeing off at the right time! Not only that, the historic clock Peter had in mind can be seen throughout America’s finest golf courses, country clubs, and resorts and not in many country clubs locally.  

Peter started taking donations for the new Verdin clock, starting with just a few friends and then creating a chain reaction of donations. In about two days and 27 participants later, they had all the funds they needed to purchase the customized Forest Country Club clock we all know and love today. One of the most important parts was finding the right spot to showcase the beauty and intricate custom design and also, so that’s it’s legible for tee times. Thus, the Verdin Company clock found its home at The Forest Country Club.  

This particular Verdin clock is the two-faced Howard replica with moonlight LED backlighting and clear Arabic font, and allowing tee time to be seen at dusk or dawn. Verdin has been the master in the art of handcrafted clock design since 1842. Their clocks serve as a gathering place and a focal point for some of America’s most exceptional golf courses, including ours.

The Country Club’s Meaning to You  

To Peter Connor, the country club can’t just be limited to one thing. He and his wife, Fran Connor, say that it’s the “greatest part of our social life.” Between friends, food, and playing, it’s all the things in a club you could ask for.   The Forest is leading the Country Clubs of Southwest Florida by example, especially when it comes to our member interaction. So, we want to hear what The Forest means to you! Share on Facebook or Instagram what our country club means to you. We want to hear about your best experiences because, for us, it’s simply stepping foot in The Forest.